Hamlet of Fort McPherson

P.O. Box 57

Fort McPherson

Northwest Territories

X0E 0J0 Canada

Office: 867-952-2428

Fax: 867-952-2725

The New Hamlet Complex

The new Community Complex is a unique combination of spaces that together will replace existing community facilities (Hamlet offices and Council Chambers) and at the same time introduce an exciting, new community space; a combined Youth and Elders' Centre.

The facility is a two-storey, wood-frame building located in the heart of the community, and includes a 1000mm high crawl space for building services access. Using ‘Green’ design, and mandated to achieve CBIP registration, the new facility is orientated in a north-south fashion, thereby encouraging prevailing winds to scour all entrances during the long winter months and to take advantage of solar gain and natural lighting.

The present status of the design incorporates the numerous consultations between all stakeholders involved in this project ensuring the end product will meet all clients' and end-users’ needs.

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Site Prep

Document Title Type Size Revision  
Site PreparationwwwSep 24, 2008
Steel framingwwwAug 29, 2007
Building ConstructionwwwSep 24, 2008
Piling InstallationwwwSep 24, 2008
CompletionwwwSep 25, 2008